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Miscellaneous Ain’t No River In Egypt

A few things.  One, I know you’ve been totally dying to hear about my YouTube progress, mentioned in that blog I did about dogs back in May.  I’m happy to report that because of my diligent tagging and keyword use, … Continue reading

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Old Blog Posts – Maggots and Improv Comedy

This is a myspace blog post from June 22, 2006.  I still think maggots are nasty.  In fact, I am uncomfortable every time I see a fly in the house, because I am sure it will lay some eggs someplace … Continue reading

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I Have No Excuse – Also, My Opinion on That “Kid Stuck Behind The Couch” Video

I have no excuse as to why it has been so long since I’ve updated my poor, neglected blog.  Maybe it was the 20-plus page papers I had to write to finish out my first semester of graduate school.  Maybe … Continue reading

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