Old Blogs and Portents of Doom

This myspace post is from December 24, 2004.  Yep.  I blogged on Christmas Eve.  Well, I paid for it.  Read the blog below, and then my comments underneath to hear just how wrong I was:

This picture of Doris Day as Calamity Jane should warn you something bad is going to happen.
This picture of Doris Day as Calamity Jane should warn you something bad is going to happen.

I always liked Christmas Eve a lot better than Christmas day. I guess it’s the magic of it when you’re a little kid. Going to see the spooky yet inspiring nativity church service…my favorite part was the wise men tromping up the aisle of the church singing “We Three Kings” in booming bariotone voices…and then the otherworldly anxiety and excitement of waiting for Santa Claus…trying so hard to stay awake….sure that you hear sleigh bells and hooves on the roof. Good times. If I ever have kids, Christmas Eve is going to be magical like that. The message won’t get lost, but there will be magic. It’s so important. Things are going remarkably well for me right now. I hope that didn’t just jinx it. List of good things in no particular order: 1. Great new job 2. More money 3. Most awesome, wonderful, fantastic boyfriend in the universe 4. Supportive, loving parents who (I hope I hope) might be moving back to Richmond 5. Kick-ass roommate 6. Good friends 7. My health 8. The prospect of getting out of debt in less than a year. I’m so grateful. Merry Christmas, to those of you who celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays to the rest of you, and may everyone have peace and happiness in the upcoming year. 2005 is going to blow the doors off, y’all. Stick around.

Fast Forward to 2010:

The job, while good for several years, ended in the 125-year-old company going bankrupt.  That’s bad.  The boyfriend became a husband, which is awesome.  So, not all things are bad.  My parents did move back to Richmond, further proving that things are not all bad.  Same with friends – we still have good ones.  I still (knock on wood) have my health.  The roommate was the best roommate I’ve ever had, even though we shared a totally dink apartment on Dooley Ave.

The bad thing about 2005 was all the death.  Seriously.  May through August I had a person die on me every month.  It was, like, nightmarish for me, but even worse to those people who were closer to the people who died.  One in May of lung cancer, one in June (a relative died in a terrible tragedy), one in July who died in his sleep at 29 years old, and one in August who was murdered.  So, 2005 did indeed “blow the doors off” but not in a very good way.  Lesson learned.  Don’t blog on Christmas Eve.

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Itchy, Scratchy, Socially Unacceptable

So, as I’ve referenced in the past, I have psoriasis.  It’s this skin disease like eczema, except it’s called psoriasis, and it’s, like, a totally different disease.  In both diseases, there are red splotches all over the affected human.  Or is it effected?  I always mess that up.  Affected.  I think it’s affected.  Anywhoo.  Psoriasis is an INTERNAL problem – my immune system (and the immune systems of my fellow flakers) is hyper and totally opposed to all this perfectly good skin that covers me.  It freaks out and goes, “Holy crap!  What’s all that skin doing there?  That’s not good skin!  That’s bad, bad, bad, super bad skin!  We need to grow NEW skin on top of that bad skin because we’ve had, like, seven hundred thousand immune system lattes and we are totally buzzed!”  Or something like that.

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Interwebs – A New Website Called TheCoolConsumer.Com

So one day my buddy Micah called me up and said, “you know about the internet and stuff, right?” and I was all, “Kind of” and he was all, “I have this idea.”

The idea was that he wanted people to send him stuff for free and he’d review it on the internet.  Me too.  He wanted me to get free stuff and review it on the internet.  And he talked to his friend Angie, and she works for a promotional products company and can get free samples sometimes, so we wanted HER to have free stuff and review it on the internet.

While the page isn’t designed to make money, we like money a lot.  We’re big fans.  The real point of the page is to review stuff and tell people honestly what we think of the product.  I mean, we’re probably never going to say that something is the crappiest product ever, but we might hint at it with code.

So we launched http://www.thecoolconsumer.com and we’ve reviewed two things so far.  We have more in the works, and we’re offering a limited amount of advertising on the page in order to recoup my expense for the url and the hosting.  Nitty gritty, I know, but that’s the business of the interwebs.

So, if you read this blog (this one, right here, the one you’re reading now), you can totally get a link for FREE on our link page, wherein I will write a little blurb about your awesomeness and put a link on your website, so long as you do the same for me.

I am totally not feeling like a big internet link whore, like I thought I would.  It’s not personal, right?  It’s business.  And how can this product review website garner enough attention to get us our own show on The Discovery Channel or NatGeo if we don’t have killer links and strategically placed yet tasteful advertising?

Next up, a blog about my embarrassing and painful skin condition.  I know you can hardly wait for that!