Proof that you can turn almost anything into a creative writing project

Feeling a little bit better. Yesterday in Writing in the Workplace we had to write a business letter explaining to our customer that they could not return their glass slippers, as it had bee 48 days since purchase and the return policy cuts off at 15 days. Here is my submision:

Glass Slipper Industries
9804 Fairytale Lane
Richmond, VA 23060

September 29, 2008

Dear Ms. Ella:We are so sorry to hear of your displeasure with the T-330 Glass Slippers that you purchased in our Fairygodmom branch. We are dedicated to providing the best products designed for your own happily-ever-after.

Unfortunately, in order to receive a full refund, the T-330 Glass Slippers must be returned within 15 days of original purchase. As you purchased your T-330 Glass Slippers 48 days ago, we are not able to refund your money. The reason for this policy is twofold: after 15 days the initial magic wears off, rendering the T-330 unusable to other potential owners, and, as you know, your T-330 Glass Slippers are custom-fit and enchanted just for you. If you do not get your intended results within the 15-day magic effectiveness window, the Glass Slippers are yours to keep, but are not returnable under the policy’s terms.

We understand that it is frustrating when magical enchantments and charms do not turn out as we have hoped. At Glass Slipper Industries, we use the best magic in the business to charm the universe into consenting to your desired result. We stand by our motto, which is “If It Can Happen We Will Make It Happen For You”. We are truly sorry that your wish could not be our command.

As a commitment to you, our valued customer, we are pleased to offer you the enclosed $50 gift card, which can be used at any of our branches, and also on our website. Please feel free to direct any comments or questions to our Consumer Affairs Department, and for your convenience please see the attached document on how to reuse or recycle unwanted glass slippers.We thank you for your business, and hope that this gift to you renews your faith in Glass Slipper Industries.


Liz Downing Johnson
Vice President, Enchantments and Charms