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More Emma Time

Emma’s been back to visit, and I’m happy to report that she just keeps getting smarter and cuter. She got here, looked up at Dwight, and said “Wite, I gotta go crazy!” Apparently her daddy told her that when she … Continue reading

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Earwigs (Subtitle – I’m a goner)

So we have this infestation of earwigs. First they started showing up in the mailbox, then in the house (*presumably from bringing the mail indoors, where we can read it without bursting into flames from the heat) and now I’ve … Continue reading

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Movie Review – The Air I Breathe, I Love Your Work, Strange Wilderness, How To Deal, and Flakes

A couple weeks ago I watched several movies and therefore felt compelled to review them here, on my very own corner of the internet, for something to write about and to illustrate one very surprising point. That is that it … Continue reading

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