Jake Update

We actually shot this video a little while ago – but it gives you an idea of the cuteness. Note that it isn’t our Spastic Pooch making all those annoying barking sounds. It is the bitter pitt bull in the diagonal yard. He’s a nuiscence barker. It’s not his fault.

And with this 122nd blog post, you get a cookie!

Just kidding. No cookies.

I can’t believe how hard I thought about a stinkin’ 2-page paper, and how hard I worked on it, and how much it ended up sucking. I’ll post it here, but you’ll be without the benefit of the critical essay I responded to, because you can’t find it online, and you’d have to go to a library, which I’m pretty sure you’re not going to do, and I’m not about to get arrested for showing you a literary critical response that is all licensed and crap that you’re not supposed to find on the internet.

And, incidentally, thank God for proofreading, because it just saved me from making an even more egregious grammatical error than I probably already inadvertantly made.

Jeez, talk much?

Hey Mr. Cunningham

In an interview I read recently, Tom Waits said that one of the most powerful scenes he ever saw in a movie was when Scout said “Hey Mr. Cunningham” outside the jail cell in To Kill A Mockingbird.

I agree. Ol’ Scout really takes the wind out of the proverbial lynching sails when she brings it all home for the good ol’ boys ready to act on the lie of the local drunk.

If you haven’t read To Kill A Mockingbird lately, or seen the movie, go do it. It’s good for your soul.