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Jake Update

We actually shot this video a little while ago – but it gives you an idea of the cuteness. Note that it isn’t our Spastic Pooch making all those annoying barking sounds. It is the bitter pitt bull in the … Continue reading

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And with this 122nd blog post, you get a cookie!

Just kidding. No cookies. I can’t believe how hard I thought about a stinkin’ 2-page paper, and how hard I worked on it, and how much it ended up sucking. I’ll post it here, but you’ll be without the benefit … Continue reading

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Hey Mr. Cunningham

In an interview I read recently, Tom Waits said that one of the most powerful scenes he ever saw in a movie was when Scout said “Hey Mr. Cunningham” outside the jail cell in To Kill A Mockingbird. I agree. … Continue reading

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