Weekend Fun

After finally finishing the forecast (budget) at work on Friday, my kind boss let me knock off an hour early and I came home and took a two-hour nap. Yum. We were going to run around, but Dwight ran around before he picked me up and BAM! Naptime for both of us.

OK. So Saturday my mom and I went to this holistic place for an ionic foot bath. Unless you don’t know what this is, it is where you put your feet in this tub of water with a little ionic machine (?) and it draws all these impurities out of your feet. It’s gross, and I still feel gross. But, better out than in, right?

So I’m off wine and soda for an undetermined period of time to see if it helps my digestion and hopefully takes a couple of pounds off me. During the forecasting/budgeting process at work I managed to gain 6 pounds. I remember fondly the days when stress made me forget to eat, rather than feel compelled to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. I feel like a cow.

I might actually go on a health kick. That will constitute a whole new blog. Stay tuned, if you care and dare. The deciding factor will be taking my waist measurement and comparing it to a previous waist measurment and if it is an different I shall kick for health.

Speaking of other blogs, I think I might start a blog about being an Administrative Assistant. It’s a field with little solidarity. The trick will be to make it compelling and interesting with real-life anecdotes without telling tales about the workplace. Because I hear that is a good idea. Perhaps I will listen to stories from ‘out there’ so if you or anyone you know are Administrative People the comments are open. Give me ammo so that I don’t use my own to get fired.

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