In my last post, I said I saw MacBeth with what’s-his-name. I meant the actor. I actually went to see the movie with my bestie, who is far more important than a what’s-his-name title.

SO, there’s that.

Like, ALL the updates

So, some super evil malware attacked every single website I had on my hosting plan and we’ve been spending MONTHS sorting that out so I haven’t been blogging and the Salinger site is still blacklisted by Google and there’s a whole thing I have to do to get it to work but this site is backup and I’m committed to blogging on it. Apparently with run-on sentences.

I’m freelance writing again, have been since 2013. I got married in May. I’m working sometimes with a rockstar who is an eCommerce arbitrage merchant. And by rockstar I mean a bona fide one. But he’s a super nice guy and a good boss so who cares about all that rockstar business?

I went to see the new MacBeth, with whats-his-name. It was pretty good. Ima blog about it soon. It wasn’t perfect.

I am going to write on this blog pretty often.


I realize that the news that I am freelancing and that I got married come as a surprise to anyone who doesn’t interact with me personally since I never blogged about working full time instead of freelancing OR getting divorced, but we’re skipping all that in the interest of it’s not stuff I want to blog about and moving on to the now.

So that’s all for now. I was embarrassed that my last post was Super Bowl 800 years ago, so here’s something fresh with all the run-on sentences you can digest.

muah, readers. Let’s have some fun.