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A Few Things

I love it when, on a TV show or in a movie, the characters act in a way that is very different from their established character – as long as it is hilarious. When stiff, uncompromising characters all of the sudden act all loopy I really love it.

The other night, while drinking out of a bottle of Smart Water, I opened the linen closet door. My depth perception is obviously a little off, as I smacked the door into the bottom of the bottle, thus ramming the mouthpiece of the bottle into my pursed lips. I now have two fat lips with little cuts where the bottle smooshed my lip up against my teeth. It is unfortunate.

There is fall in the breeze, and when I catch a whiff of it it reminds me of unending possibilities and newness. It makes me feel happy.

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Ah, LMN.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a weakness for Lifetime Original Movies. In fact, a thousand years ago I wrote a Top Tenz list for it (you can see it here) about the “worst” (ie “the best”) ones.

I have a migraine today (I know, poor me) and so I spent the morning recovering (and taking copious amounts of headache meds) watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Lifetime Original Movies on the LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) channel. I know. I should have a problem with the fact that they bill themselves as “television for women” when I know that the crap programming they can have sometimes makes that tagline a total insult. I know that I have this brain that I’m supposed to be sculpting into a scholarly work of art. Darn it, though. I love me some trash TV.

For instance. There are these books that I’d never heard of that are written by a fellow Virginian called Ellen Byerrum. The books are a series called The Crime of Passion Mysteries. The lead character is named Lacey Smithsonian. I’ve never read the books, but I’ve seen the delightful Lifetime movie “Hostile Makeover” wherein fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian witnesses the hateful murder of supernerd-turned-supermodel Amanda Manville and gets sucked into solving the mystery. Yep. You read that right. Lacey Smithsonian. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty stoked that a fellow Virginian woman has made a living writing novels. I hope to join that club one day, so I’m not knocking anyone’s character’s names. Anywhoo. It was a fun movie and I will keep an eye out for the other one, “Killer Hair.”

True story.

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Dining Room

This is a picture of the dining room before we got our hands on it. As you can see, it was perfectly lovely, but entirely green. I don’t mind green, but I wanted a more festive dining room.

Directly after this photo, you will see the dining room now, with a brief description of the work we did underneath.

We ripped up the carpet, primed and painted all the walls and trim, and my wildly talented husband created the lovely striping effect you see under the chair rail. We painted the chairs purple – the can showed a deeper, more aubergine purple, but I like the way they turned out nonetheless. We also replaced the chandelier.

The dining room table is a new addition – oak drop-leaf with some dings and nicks but a whole lot of character. I love it. My mom bought it for me at an estate sale recently – the same one where we bought that awesome stereo I blogged about. At least I think I blogged about it. Yeah, I did.

The kitchen is done, too. We’ll save that for next time.

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