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Random Thoughts November 9 2010

Browsing through my depressing site stats the other day, I saw that the one search term someone had used to get to my page was “dress like a hippie.”  That’s funny, because I don’t TECHNICALLY dress like a hippie, but maybe I talk about dressing like a hippie sometimes.

Sometimes I dress like a pirate:

Elizabeth PirateAnd other times I dress like the Mad Hatter:

mad hatterMost of the time I’m either wearing some type of boots or sneakers, and I favor novelty tee shirts.

This message was brought to you by the “I couldn’t think of any DECENT content and I’m sorry Halloween is over” committee.

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Old Blog Posts – DVD Sale

I wrote this in August of 2007, just before I started the first incarnation of this blog on blogger.  It’s funny, because the first line of this reflects that I had more daily readers on my myspace blog than I do on this one.  Why do I keep doing it?  Because it’s worth doing, I suppose.  I might not be winning any internet popularity contests, but there is at least a digital record of my time so I can, I don’t know, read it one day and laugh while I roll around in big piles of money.  Or, while I think about how much nicer it was to be thin and young.

Three people viewed my blog today, yet I haven’t blogged in a long time.

We’re in the process of picking out DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes for the Media Swap at work.  You turn in your stuff and get a voucher for the categories (2 DVDs, 250 VHS tapes, etc) and you pick from what’s there to get your swap on.  I hope a lot of people participate–I’m in charge of the event along with another person at my job.  So far on the list to trade:

VHS Tapes:

Labyrinth (just got the DVD at Kroger–yeah!!!)
End of Days (crap VHS I married into)
Erin Brockovich (I have no idea why we own this movie)


Don’t Try This At Home–The Steve-O Video (it sucks)
X2 (not great AND we have two copies)
House on Haunted Hill (What?  It was $4 at Blockbuster…)
Nabonga (got for $1 at Kroger)
Circus of Fear (got for $1 at Kroger)
Ghostbusters (have an awesome 1 & 2 box set with special features)


Radiohead–OK Computer (have multiple copies on CD and every track in iTunes)
Deanna Carter–Did I Shave My Legs for This? (have it b/c I had to learn the title track for a karaoke friend.  Don’t do karaoke much anymore–crappy CD)
Various Artists–Batman & Robin Soundtrack (Husband is culprit–ask him)
311–Transistor (Clean version husband bought by accident.  Husband likes profanity.  Me–don’t like 311–think are crappy.  Husband married me anyway)
Garth Brooks–The Hits (Husband went through Garth Brooks phase–I downloaded all desired Garth Brooks songs in a drunken stupor–CD absolete–feel must erase Garth Brooks from iTunes to feel clean again…just kidding.  The Dance is a nice song.  Really only like And The Thunder Rolls, and only when by myself and heavily intoxicated…)
Garth Brooks–Fresh Horses (See previous entry)
Hi Tide–Open Invitation (bought this CD for Husband while in Grand Cayman.  CD sucks.)
Janet–Doesn’t Really Matter (this is a SINGLE CD from the Nutty Professor II.  I married him anyway.  Actually, I didn’t know he had this, but I would have married him anyway.  I’m that open-minded.)

Next blog–my iPOD shuffle playlist and what it means to me.  Stay tuned!
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I’ve been having trouble concentrating.  I’ve been wondering what it’s all about.  I’ve been having a really hard time focusing on tasks and getting them accomplished.  Other than sounding like an add for some Pfizer drug, I have also been lacking an appropriate metaphor or analogy to describe this feeling.  Just now I thought of one.

You know how, in Springtime, bees hover around flowers sucking the pollen or whatever out of the pistils of the flowers?  It always looks to me kind of like a helicopter before it touches down.  Sort of wibbly-wobbly, and all noisy and vibrating.  Those bees, the way they do that almost-set-down helicopter thing from flower to flower, that is how my thought process has been lately.  I can touch every flower of thought, but I can’t rest on one long enough to suck the pollen out of it.


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