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Look Ma! I’m a Dot Com

Except I don’t sell anything or offer any service, unless you count me offering up my thoughts and feelings about things a service. I feel the need to really amp up content and stuff, so get ready for some heartfelt blogging from my end. On your end all expect is your utter adoration and devotion, and a link now and then.

I don’t really expect anything. A girl’s got to hope, right?

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A Few Things

I love it when, on a TV show or in a movie, the characters act in a way that is very different from their established character – as long as it is hilarious. When stiff, uncompromising characters all of the sudden act all loopy I really love it.

The other night, while drinking out of a bottle of Smart Water, I opened the linen closet door. My depth perception is obviously a little off, as I smacked the door into the bottom of the bottle, thus ramming the mouthpiece of the bottle into my pursed lips. I now have two fat lips with little cuts where the bottle smooshed my lip up against my teeth. It is unfortunate.

There is fall in the breeze, and when I catch a whiff of it it reminds me of unending possibilities and newness. It makes me feel happy.

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This first one, it is about monkeys

Elephants used to be my favorite animal. I think the concept of “Favorite Animal” is kind of silly, especially when your favorite animal is one that you’ve never actually interacted with. Even if your favorite animal is a cat or a dog, some kind of animal that you’ve met plenty of, how do you know that you wouldn’t like a wombat or a an anteater better, given the opportunity to hang out with one? That’s silly, you might say, because we pick our favorite animal based on the animals we are aware of, just like we pick our favorite song from all the songs we’ve ever heard.

I realize this is a purely semantic argument that has no satisfying conclusion.
Anycrap, my favorite animals are monkeys. Now, I’m not a scientist, so when I say monkeys I refer to the 264 known extant species of monkeys AS WELL AS the two known types of chimps, orangutans, and all non-human apes. All think non-human primate, but mainly it’s just more fun to say monkey.
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