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Old Blog Posts – About Me

This is a myspace blog post from October 1, 2006.  I had been married 6 months, and my husband did (and still does) emotionally support my blogging habit.  These things are all still true.  Nice to know I have a certain consistency of character.

My cousin Melissa tagged me about this some time ago, so I’m going to do it.  You have to list 6 things that nobody (or hardly anybody) knows about you, and then tag six other people to do the same.  Some of you that I plan to tag have done this exercise before, so you have to come up with six more things.  I don’t really care if they’re true or not, as long as they are amusing, as I’m not as funny as the rest of you people.

1.  I’m terrified of disease and am constantly worried that I’m going to catch one.  When I watch medical TV shows I have a fleeting second where I’m scared that will happen to me.

2.  My whole life, and I mean every second, has a soundtrack.  It’s somewhere in my psyche at all times.  Usually, you can ask me what’s playing, and I’ll tell you.  Often, the answer will be the same.

3.  I believe in ghosts.  I believe in life on other planets, but I doubt their inhabitants have any interest in us.  I believe in fate, and I believe in coincidence.  I believe in first impressions, second chances, and the third degree when it will get me the answers I want.

4.  I have an odd relationship with words.

5.  Sometimes I’m afraid it’s too late to become who I was supposed to be.

6.  Most of the time, I feel pretty misunderstood.  I try not to show it,  because, nobody likes a…person who feels like they are misunderstood.

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Ah, LMN.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a weakness for Lifetime Original Movies. In fact, a thousand years ago I wrote a Top Tenz list for it (you can see it here) about the “worst” (ie “the best”) ones.

I have a migraine today (I know, poor me) and so I spent the morning recovering (and taking copious amounts of headache meds) watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Lifetime Original Movies on the LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) channel. I know. I should have a problem with the fact that they bill themselves as “television for women” when I know that the crap programming they can have sometimes makes that tagline a total insult. I know that I have this brain that I’m supposed to be sculpting into a scholarly work of art. Darn it, though. I love me some trash TV.

For instance. There are these books that I’d never heard of that are written by a fellow Virginian called Ellen Byerrum. The books are a series called The Crime of Passion Mysteries. The lead character is named Lacey Smithsonian. I’ve never read the books, but I’ve seen the delightful Lifetime movie “Hostile Makeover” wherein fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian witnesses the hateful murder of supernerd-turned-supermodel Amanda Manville and gets sucked into solving the mystery. Yep. You read that right. Lacey Smithsonian. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty stoked that a fellow Virginian woman has made a living writing novels. I hope to join that club one day, so I’m not knocking anyone’s character’s names. Anywhoo. It was a fun movie and I will keep an eye out for the other one, “Killer Hair.”

True story.

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