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Life As We Know It

It’s really easy to get caught up in your everyday life and ignore what’s going on around you in the world.  For instance, while I’m busy commissioning posts about foreign poker sites and how to get started in your underwater basket-weaving venture, people I know are actually trying to make a difference in all this economic mess.  And I feel guilty.

I mean, I have a job to do.  And, I’m trying to do other things to help secure my future – even if those things include live-blogging a reality tv program (new post on that to follow) and co-writing a book about smoothies.  Smoothies are good, right?  Tasty.  But I feel guilty that I’m not doing more to help out fellow people in need, to spread the word about the injustices that go on in the world, and to basically make my opinion known.

The thing is, I haven’t had time to form an opinion.  What kind of person does that make me?  I can tell you every ingredient that is supposed to go into a smoothie, I can summarize Simon Cowell’s entire career to date, I know everything about J.D. Salinger, and I can wax poetic about clever Tumblr accounts, but I can’t speak with authority or insight on many of the problems that face our country and our world today.

So that stops now.  Starting now I get educated.  I won’t be turning this blog into a political blog.  Nope, I’ll still be blogging about Jeremy Sisto’s creepiness and my excessive love for monkeys here.  But soon I’ll be starting a new site that is open to all.  A place where I’ll post reputable information and allow a dialog between people who care and want to make a difference.

It’s the least…the very least…I can do.

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Sometimes About Dogs – Everybody Loves Dogs, Except People Who Don’t Like Dogs

So, the internet is all crazy about dogs, right?  I mean, post a video of a dog and you’re, like, getting eight thousand YouTube comments a day.  Or so I hear.  Some of the YouTube videos I’ve posted are one of a contractor drilling in my front yard, a crappily-taken video of Lily Scott’s version of “Fixing A Hole,” and the Ukrop family announcing the sale of Ukrops to Ahold Company.

I’ve learned a lot about things called “keywords” lately.  I posted these two videos of my dogs, but I named them “Jake and Bailey Playing,” and “Jake and Bailey Playing With The Circle Toy.”  The deal with these “keywords” is that they are the words people use to search for stuff.  So, if someone was looking for a dog playing with a toy, they wouldn’t know to type “Jake” or “Bailey” or “Circle Toy” into YouTube’s search field.  That is why the videos have only been viewed 9 times, and that has all been by me.

I’m trying an experiment, and you can totally go down this road with me!  Aren’t you so glad and excited that I’m willing to share my internet experiences with you guys?  Aren’t you also so glad that I wait seven or eight years to jump on any new internet trend?  OK, maybe not that long, but I am kind of a late bloomer.  Or lazy.  Maybe I’m just lazy.

I’ve “beefed up” the YouTube post.  I changed the title to “Dogs Playing” and I put in a description.  Granted, in the description I ramble on a bit about the fact that the dogs keep murdering squirrels, but I guess some description is better than no description, you know what I mean?  I also added something called “Tags.”  Tags are like keywords in that they make your post show up because it has those words associated with it.

**You do realize that I’m over-simplifying keywords and tags and stuff because you guys already know this and so do I because I work with an SEO Company, right?  OK.  Glad we got that cleared up.

I’ll keep you posted as to the progress.  I’m assuming the amount of viewings my video receives from this site won’t skew the results so much, because traffic here is small, yet greatly appreciated.  I know you can’t wait to see what happens!

So that you don’t feel totally cheated, here are some pictures of my dogs.  My cute dogs.  My funny dogs.  My cute, funny dogs.

American Idol – The End Is Near

So I’ve been blogging for an American Idol site – you can check out an example of my journalistic awesomeness here – and I have to say that this season lacks the luster and excitement of previous years.  I guess it’s the absence of Paula, and the fact that Simon announced it was his last season.  I know you really care.

The coolest thing about this season is the awesome peeps I get to work with on this site.  Jebbica’s posts are worthy of constant reading, and so are Cait’s posts.    Plus, they both have their own websites (Jebbica’s, Cait’s) and I’m having a lot of the interwebs love for both of them.

So, American Idol may have jumped the shark – or maybe not.  We’ve got a lot of road to cover, so the season might surprise me.  But either way, I’m having a ton of fun this season.

I’m live-blogging whenever I can – my school schedule does tend to get in the way (in the way of LOST, too, for shame) but I do recaps as well.  On the night I live blog you can watch and read with me.  I promise I’ll make it fun.