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American Idol – The End Is Near

So I’ve been blogging for an American Idol site – you can check out an example of my journalistic awesomeness here – and I have to say that this season lacks the luster and excitement of previous years.  I guess it’s the absence of Paula, and the fact that Simon announced it was his last season.  I know you really care.

The coolest thing about this season is the awesome peeps I get to work with on this site.  Jebbica’s posts are worthy of constant reading, and so are Cait’s posts.    Plus, they both have their own websites (Jebbica’s, Cait’s) and I’m having a lot of the interwebs love for both of them.

So, American Idol may have jumped the shark – or maybe not.  We’ve got a lot of road to cover, so the season might surprise me.  But either way, I’m having a ton of fun this season.

I’m live-blogging whenever I can – my school schedule does tend to get in the way (in the way of LOST, too, for shame) but I do recaps as well.  On the night I live blog you can watch and read with me.  I promise I’ll make it fun.