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Life As We Know It

It’s really easy to get caught up in your everyday life and ignore what’s going on around you in the world.  For instance, while I’m busy commissioning posts about foreign poker sites and how to get started in your underwater basket-weaving venture, people I know are actually trying to make a difference in all this economic mess.  And I feel guilty.

I mean, I have a job to do.  And, I’m trying to do other things to help secure my future – even if those things include live-blogging a reality tv program (new post on that to follow) and co-writing a book about smoothies.  Smoothies are good, right?  Tasty.  But I feel guilty that I’m not doing more to help out fellow people in need, to spread the word about the injustices that go on in the world, and to basically make my opinion known.

The thing is, I haven’t had time to form an opinion.  What kind of person does that make me?  I can tell you every ingredient that is supposed to go into a smoothie, I can summarize Simon Cowell’s entire career to date, I know everything about J.D. Salinger, and I can wax poetic about clever Tumblr accounts, but I can’t speak with authority or insight on many of the problems that face our country and our world today.

So that stops now.  Starting now I get educated.  I won’t be turning this blog into a political blog.  Nope, I’ll still be blogging about Jeremy Sisto’s creepiness and my excessive love for monkeys here.  But soon I’ll be starting a new site that is open to all.  A place where I’ll post reputable information and allow a dialog between people who care and want to make a difference.

It’s the least…the very least…I can do.

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Jeremy Sisto’s New TV Show – Suburgatory

I’ve stated before that Jeremy Sisto is creepy.  He has a new TV sitcom called Suburgatory, so I watched it to see if he was still creepy.  Here are my reactions as I watch it.


So far it’s a biting commentary on life in suburbia – but it has ALAN TUDYK and I LOVES HIM MY PRECIOUS.

BTW, Cheryl Hines.  Love her.

The teenage female narrator adds a current flavor to the show (in a totally non-current My So-Called Life kind of way) and the narrator character is not TOTALLY irritating.  Or maybe she is.

OK, it’s a commercial break, so I’ll take a chance to comment re:  the creepiness of Jeremy Sisto.  He is certainly not as creepy as in Hideaway (not a Satan worshipper, so therefore a no-brainer there) but I can’t shake the residual creepiness because of his work on Six Feet Under.  What if this was a sitcom that was an offshoot of that show?

“Honey, your Mom wandered off a long time ago.  It’s because it turns out she’s your uber-smart but maladjusted AUNT, my sister who I’m in love with.”

Red Bull, apparently, is a sponsor of this show.

See?  He just did stabby motions.  Still creepy.

The show is obviously a mockery of suburban life and suburban values, based on appearances and financial gain.

Cheryl Hines said “Ute-tay-tay” in reference to her neighbor’s uterus.  The creepiness is spreading.

Shout out or mockery of GLEE! with the snapping and the guy in the wheelchair?

Yay Allie Grant!  I love her on Weeds.

Allie Grant

Apparently they have already wrapped taping on at least 8 episodes of this show, according to IMDB.  Will it get worse or better?  My bet is worse, but BETTER, because of the creepiness.  They’re trying to put Jeremy Sisto in a lovable, single Dad, Tom Hanks-type of role, and it clearly isn’t going to work, though I do find myself falling into the hypnotic thought that “maybe he won’t be so creepy.”  Or, maybe other things about this show will be creepier.  Because Cheryl Hines?  She can be creepy when she wants to.

They just said “Vagitarian.”

So “George,” Jeremy Sisto’s character, just pulled up and creepily picked up the daughter character.  But now he’s all freaked out by the Junior’s department at the mall.

Cheryl Hines – her character is over-the-top.  Time will tell if it ends up being hilarious and brilliant, or just stupid.

This is lame.

FYI, the EOnline poll shows 55% of readers saving this show.  Things have gone downhill, for sure.  Or not.  Maybe I’m not giving this a fair shot.

OK, the passive aggressive reference books bit was kind of funny.  And Jeremy Sisto is slightly less creepy with the stupid Van Dyke facial hair.

Cheryl Hines’s lines in this show are crazy.  She brings a bra to the bra-deficient main character, who I’m having hard time accepting as a protagonist.  But, the show is attempting to end on a philosophical and heartfelt note.

But, I think the watering of lawns was a sexual reference.

And, they brought the overly-forward waitress on to offset the creepiness of Jeremy Sisto.  So far, I think they may be successful.  Let’s check back DVR-style next week to see if the show solidifies and becomes something.

To sum up:

Creepy Jeremy Sisto moments:  at least 4
Red Bull Plugs:  at least 3
References to Lady Parts:  at least 3
Accusations of Lesbianism:  at least 5
Gangster Rap moments:  at least 2

Further thoughts:  I, in no way whatsoever, am able to relate to teenagers or TV teenagers anymore.  What does that say about me?


Rule Number 1 – Don’t Piss Off the Linda Hamilton Fans

The internet is a big, scary place.  I recently posted what I thought was a review of “Home By Christmas” which is a Lifetime Original Movie starring Linda Hamilton.  I pointed out that she looked a little rough in it, along with some comments on the crapulence of the film.

Well.  This is a website, lovingly yet sporadically maintained by me in some incarnation or another since 2007, and I’ve cracked on many celebrities, many Lifetime Original Movies, and many other things since then.  I’ve never gotten more than 40 visits in one day.  Yesterday I had a large contingent of the Linda Hamilton Fan Club stop by to spill a little haterade on my page.  And I published the comments, because what I said pissed them off and I’ve never not published a not-spam comment and I’m not going to start now.  Go take a look at the comments, especially one by Monica, where the girl says she can kick my ass.

Somebody else suggested the name of this blog should be “Sometimes About Horse’s Arses” and to that I respond with two comments.  1) right now it is.  And 2) that domain name is already taken.  Just kidding about the second one.  I didn’t check.  Being that I am not the power-crazed fun-poker you make me out to be (I am a powerless fun-poker, thank you very much) I feel like I’ve apologized enough.

That all being said – where were the rabid Jeremy Sisto fans when I posted this gem?  Only one?

Also, I never thought about pissing off people’s fans as a blog concept.  I made a comment, and internet MAGIC happened.  I might stop doing all my charity work, stop being nice to everyone I meet, and start writing mean things FULL TIME.  That’s what over-the-top fandom does to me.  Who should be my next victim?

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