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Sometimes About Dogs – Everybody Loves Dogs, Except People Who Don’t Like Dogs

So, the internet is all crazy about dogs, right?  I mean, post a video of a dog and you’re, like, getting eight thousand YouTube comments a day.  Or so I hear.  Some of the YouTube videos I’ve posted are one … Continue reading

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Pet Feeding Time, Part Two

Because I know you can’t wait. First off, Jake is in his kennel because he goes PSYCHO at the mention of dinner. Second, it takes Dwight FOREVER to mix the food together. Third, how CUTE is Jake in that shot?

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Time to Expand the Family

Internet, meet Jake. We will be fostering Jake starting tomorrow. We met him at Petco, at a Humane Society adoption drive. Nobody knows where he came from, how old he is, or what his story is, but we already know … Continue reading

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