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I’ve been having trouble concentrating.  I’ve been wondering what it’s all about.  I’ve been having a really hard time focusing on tasks and getting them accomplished.  Other than sounding like an add for some Pfizer drug, I have also been lacking an appropriate metaphor or analogy to describe this feeling.  Just now I thought of one.

You know how, in Springtime, bees hover around flowers sucking the pollen or whatever out of the pistils of the flowers?  It always looks to me kind of like a helicopter before it touches down.  Sort of wibbly-wobbly, and all noisy and vibrating.  Those bees, the way they do that almost-set-down helicopter thing from flower to flower, that is how my thought process has been lately.  I can touch every flower of thought, but I can’t rest on one long enough to suck the pollen out of it.


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