Rule Number 1 – Don’t Piss Off the Linda Hamilton Fans

The internet is a big, scary place.  I recently posted what I thought was a review of “Home By Christmas” which is a Lifetime Original Movie starring Linda Hamilton.  I pointed out that she looked a little rough in it, along with some comments on the crapulence of the film.

Well.  This is a website, lovingly yet sporadically maintained by me in some incarnation or another since 2007, and I’ve cracked on many celebrities, many Lifetime Original Movies, and many other things since then.  I’ve never gotten more than 40 visits in one day.  Yesterday I had a large contingent of the Linda Hamilton Fan Club stop by to spill a little haterade on my page.  And I published the comments, because what I said pissed them off and I’ve never not published a not-spam comment and I’m not going to start now.  Go take a look at the comments, especially one by Monica, where the girl says she can kick my ass.

Somebody else suggested the name of this blog should be “Sometimes About Horse’s Arses” and to that I respond with two comments.  1) right now it is.  And 2) that domain name is already taken.  Just kidding about the second one.  I didn’t check.  Being that I am not the power-crazed fun-poker you make me out to be (I am a powerless fun-poker, thank you very much) I feel like I’ve apologized enough.

That all being said – where were the rabid Jeremy Sisto fans when I posted this gem?  Only one?

Also, I never thought about pissing off people’s fans as a blog concept.  I made a comment, and internet MAGIC happened.  I might stop doing all my charity work, stop being nice to everyone I meet, and start writing mean things FULL TIME.  That’s what over-the-top fandom does to me.  Who should be my next victim?

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12 thoughts on “Rule Number 1 – Don’t Piss Off the Linda Hamilton Fans”

  1. HA. Those comments were priceless. Next you should go after Jane “Dr. Quinn” Seymour. Specifically the Open Hearts collection.

  2. I think I might go after somebody who has had a LOT of plastic surgery, so that I can show that I’m an equal-opportunity asshole. Then Dr. Quinn’s is in the hot seat. *rubs hands together*

  3. I did read all that was written but didn’t comment until now. It seems all my members have. BTW It made me giggle with a ‘Simon Cowell’ comment which wasn’t very fresh .. Dear Simon Cowell ‘person’ Linda isn’t a singer so no need to ‘vote’ her off. She is an actress just in-case your confused as to what is what as I’m am sure both are ‘singing’ talent shows.

    I did find your photo (before you changed it) distasteful & utterly rude. What has she done to you to deserve that? Knowing Linda and having met up with her several times she would probably laugh at this blog .. But she has very loyal fans. Linda does not really care about ‘this so called Hollywood look’, her craft is her work, her acting. Other than Home By Christmas & prob the Terminator movies .. Have you seen any of her other ‘TV movies’ .. Try ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ before you blow off in a blog.

    What made me laugh today is this >>

    That’s what they do these days ‘retouching’ the photo esp if it’s an older celebrity. Which is bullshit. Linda has chosen not to go down the ‘surgery, botox’ route which I think tells you alot about her. She is a beautiful woman with an amazing soul and personality. She doesn’t care about all that crap and for that I am v proud of her but she doesn’t need insulting in that manner. She was the biggest star they got in for ‘Chuck’ recently (by the way have you seen her in that EVEN?) .. pretty hot on her gun handling and throwing a few kicks and punches.

    I am not going to go on as your blog made me yawn. Linda is worth a zillion more than most actresses. Yes even more than Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Think my guys said it all and anyway be proud at least we got your HITS up for a change.

  4. Lina, I thank you for your comment, and agree that I was unfair in the original version of my post. I think Linda Hamilton is awfully lucky to have fans like you and your crew, and I hope someday I write some posts that make you guys happy. Just because of your post, I’m going to check out ALL of the last season of Chuck and A Mother’s Prayer and write a brand new post about them.

    For the record, I was probably the biggest “Beauty and the Beast” fan in the entire world, and to this day think it was one of the most beautiful shows on television, solely based on Linda’s acting. I BELIEVED her and I wanted to BE her. I think she’s a fine actor, and that she probably took the role in Home By Christmas because it represented a woman trying to find her strength, but alas. The writing was bad and so was the costume and makeup. If they’d let her look natural (which they didn’t) I wouldn’t have had anything to snark about.

    AND I agree that Linda Hamilton could kick Jane Seymour’s ass any day of the week. And you guys DID get my hits up. Like, three times the normal amount. But I don’t have any advertising on this page, so don’t worry, I’m not making money off my snarkiness and ignorance. Yet.

    Really, though. Thanks to everyone who commented. I apologize to anybody I offended, and do hope that if Ms. Hamilton herself read my site that a) she wouldn’t be offended and b) that she wouldn’t yawn. I have the utmost respect for her and her fans, and think that saying no to Botox is the way to go.

    Love, Elizabeth

  5. Thank you. Yes, as Linda put it herself when we met up with her in NY she called us ‘My Girls’ so yes her fans are very dedicated. That would be great and interesting if you watched her in Chuck and the TV movie ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ in which she won an award for.

    Anyway .. where would we be without people like you and your writing. Again thanks for changing the photo. Lina x

  6. I disagree on one thing here. Dolph Lundgren has been the MOST awesome guest star on chuck.

  7. I’m glad you’ve turned out to be somewhat human, Elizabeth, and I was wondering…have you seen the BATB fan groups on Yahoo? There are several. Pay us a visit and you just might decide that you aren’t actually the biggest Beauty and the Beast fan ever.

    Keep up the good work, yes good work…you write very well, and when I looked over the some other stuff in your blog I found it very interesting. Just because everyone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean what you are doing is bad. It sparked a lively conversation both here and on the BATB groups.

    Be well.

  8. Good morning Elizabeth. As the one who sort of sparked the firestorm by sharing this with the various groups, I also wanted to add my thanks for you going back and taking a look at your blog and making some changes. Yes – it is your blog and the fact that you were willing to listen to the comments and agree with some of them impressed me greatly. You certainly did spark some lively discussion yesterday just as Janet said. I am sorry that some of the comments contained some inappropriate comments. However, I thought you handled it very gracefully and tactfully. I have been checking out some of your other postings, and have been enjoying your writing.

  9. I guess I’ll take “somewhat human” over the indictments I’ve received previously, and thank you for the compliment on my writing. I will check out the BATB group for sure! Thank you for your comment.

  10. I guess if more people knew about your blog, they might have defended Mr. Sisto. I never saw the original post.

    You’re not the first person to say he’s creepy. I think he’s awesome. He does play more than creepy.

    As for Linda, I haven’t seen the movie, not a fan of Lifetime crap. From the pics; she does look kinda rough. Gotta agree with you there. I wonder if she’s a smoker or a sun worshipper. Both can do a number on your face. Sunscreen is your friend. And that age thing, it’s a bitch too. She’s not 20 anymore.

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