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90’s Flashback – Where Buffy and the Gang are Now!

Where Can You Find Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stars Now?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an uber popular TV series on the WB channel, inspired by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. It ran for 6 wonderful – Buffy-filled years, and even inspired a spin-off called Angel, about Buffy’s boyfriend (which was a great show too).

So what exactly are Buffy & the gang up to now? We decided to find out!

Buffy – Sarah Michelle Gellar
After being Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, appeared in several popular movies that many will recognize instantly – I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2 and then Cruel Intentions. She even did a cartoon movie, Scoobie-Doo 2. Next she did a super spooky movie called The Grudge. She has continued acting and has appeared in both film and television shows. Most recently, in 2015, she has co-founded a business called Foostirs, which sells baking kits for kids.

Willow – Alyson Hannigan
After being the super psychic and powerful Willow, Alyson Hannigan went on to be part of the very happy couple on comedy show, How I Met Your Mother, playing Lily Aldrin. She’s also well known for her quirky character part in the American Pie films.

Xander Harris – Nicholas Brendon
He played a funny guy on Buffy and his next role was as a funny, sweet guy Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds, who became Garcia’s boyfriend. Brendon since 2014 has also been writing the Buffy Season 10 comic books.

Joyce Summers (Buffy’s Mom) – Kristine Sutherland
As Buffy’s Mom, Kristine Sutherland appeared regularly on the show and with lots of unique, magical-type of characters, she was a bit of normality. She is also known for her role of Mrs. Thompson in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Spike – James Masters
James – known as the slightly snarky but totally cool “Spike” bad boy vampire who finally turned good, was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a long time. He was one of the original Buffy actors to go on to be on the Angel spin-off show, from 1997 to 2004. He’s done some fun sci-fi roles, including appearing on Smallville and Syfy’s Caprica. He also has appeared on CBS’s Hawaii Five-O most recently.

Tara Maclaey – Amber Benson
Amber played Willow’s romantic partner on the Buffy show in later seasons. After this show, she then directed, produced and starred in her own films, Chance and then also Lovers, Liars and Lunatics, both in the early 2000s. With fellow former Buffy cast member Adam Busch, she co-directed the film Drones.

Angel – David Boreanaz
Just about every Buffy TV show fan knows that the Buffy & Angel romance is very much like Romeo & Juliet: a little bit tragic and also very much meant-to-be. David went on to have his own spin-off show Angel after the Buffy TV show, and then after Angel he now appears as a leading actor in the crime comedy-drama Bones, which has been on the air since 2005.

Well, its been fun catching up with Buffy & the gang! Who knows, perhaps they will have a reunion show! What do you think….would you watch a Buffy reunion show?

Mockingbird Lane, the Election, and Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Nobody ever tells me anything. Apparently Bryan Fuller (the guy behind Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me) has been working for years (YEARS!) on a pilot for a Munsters reboot called Mockingbird Lane.  I’d heard someone was doing something Munsters-related but didn’t know it was Bryan Fuller, and didn’t know that EDDIE IZZARD was involved in the project as Grandpa.

Eddie Izzard as Sam Dracula
Will Mockingbird Lane be picked up for 2013 or will the one-hour pilot be the end?

Of course now I’m super excited but bummed at the same time, since the pilot cost $10 million, NBC is airing it on Friday, October 26 2012 as a stand-alone 1-hour special, and nobody but Bryan Fuller seems to think the show has any chance of being picked up for 2013. So the question is – do I watch it and have my heart broken when it doesn’t get picked up?

What makes me so sure I’ll even like it? Well, Eddie Izzard, for one. Some criticize his acting and say he should stick to stand-up, but I enjoyed him in Dmitry Lipkin’s woefully short-lived FX series, The Riches and I liked his roles in Mystery Men and that awful flick My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I’m a rabid fan of his comedy.

I also like Portia De Rossi, and not just because she’s married to Ellen DeGeneres. I loved her as Nelle on Ally McBeal and Stigmata is a guilty pleasure..

I’ll watch it.

Now, the Election. I know, I know. How could I go on and on about a TV pilot when there is so much to talk about in the political space? Bottom line? I choose to talk about TV because politics depress me, this election depresses me and I don’t have anything constructive to say. I continue to be surprised by the vitriol spewed in the media, through political ads, even (especially) in my Facebook news feed. I’ve seen good people say terrible things, and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself agreeing with people I don’t normally agree with. Ultimately, I will be glad when the election is over, and that’s all I’ll say about it. Yes, I will vote. Yes, I have been doing my homework so that my vote is based on knowledge rather than sensationalism, rhetoric and propaganda.

I mentioned that politics depressed me. Yeah, about that. I have been going through some life changes, coming out of a pretty deep dark depression, trying to do a great job at work and sort of finding myself all over again at 35. Unless I wanted to make that journey public (I didn’t) and unless I wanted to air my dirty laundry on the damned internet (I didn’t) I had to take a break for a while to get my head on straight. It’s still a little flewy (say it out loud – it’ll make sense) but I just had to pay to renew this domain name and thought, “why not start blogging again?”  All three of you missed me, right?

Until next time.

Jeremy Sisto’s New TV Show – Suburgatory

I’ve stated before that Jeremy Sisto is creepy.  He has a new TV sitcom called Suburgatory, so I watched it to see if he was still creepy.  Here are my reactions as I watch it.


So far it’s a biting commentary on life in suburbia – but it has ALAN TUDYK and I LOVES HIM MY PRECIOUS.

BTW, Cheryl Hines.  Love her.

The teenage female narrator adds a current flavor to the show (in a totally non-current My So-Called Life kind of way) and the narrator character is not TOTALLY irritating.  Or maybe she is.

OK, it’s a commercial break, so I’ll take a chance to comment re:  the creepiness of Jeremy Sisto.  He is certainly not as creepy as in Hideaway (not a Satan worshipper, so therefore a no-brainer there) but I can’t shake the residual creepiness because of his work on Six Feet Under.  What if this was a sitcom that was an offshoot of that show?

“Honey, your Mom wandered off a long time ago.  It’s because it turns out she’s your uber-smart but maladjusted AUNT, my sister who I’m in love with.”

Red Bull, apparently, is a sponsor of this show.

See?  He just did stabby motions.  Still creepy.

The show is obviously a mockery of suburban life and suburban values, based on appearances and financial gain.

Cheryl Hines said “Ute-tay-tay” in reference to her neighbor’s uterus.  The creepiness is spreading.

Shout out or mockery of GLEE! with the snapping and the guy in the wheelchair?

Yay Allie Grant!  I love her on Weeds.

Allie Grant

Apparently they have already wrapped taping on at least 8 episodes of this show, according to IMDB.  Will it get worse or better?  My bet is worse, but BETTER, because of the creepiness.  They’re trying to put Jeremy Sisto in a lovable, single Dad, Tom Hanks-type of role, and it clearly isn’t going to work, though I do find myself falling into the hypnotic thought that “maybe he won’t be so creepy.”  Or, maybe other things about this show will be creepier.  Because Cheryl Hines?  She can be creepy when she wants to.

They just said “Vagitarian.”

So “George,” Jeremy Sisto’s character, just pulled up and creepily picked up the daughter character.  But now he’s all freaked out by the Junior’s department at the mall.

Cheryl Hines – her character is over-the-top.  Time will tell if it ends up being hilarious and brilliant, or just stupid.

This is lame.

FYI, the EOnline poll shows 55% of readers saving this show.  Things have gone downhill, for sure.  Or not.  Maybe I’m not giving this a fair shot.

OK, the passive aggressive reference books bit was kind of funny.  And Jeremy Sisto is slightly less creepy with the stupid Van Dyke facial hair.

Cheryl Hines’s lines in this show are crazy.  She brings a bra to the bra-deficient main character, who I’m having hard time accepting as a protagonist.  But, the show is attempting to end on a philosophical and heartfelt note.

But, I think the watering of lawns was a sexual reference.

And, they brought the overly-forward waitress on to offset the creepiness of Jeremy Sisto.  So far, I think they may be successful.  Let’s check back DVR-style next week to see if the show solidifies and becomes something.

To sum up:

Creepy Jeremy Sisto moments:  at least 4
Red Bull Plugs:  at least 3
References to Lady Parts:  at least 3
Accusations of Lesbianism:  at least 5
Gangster Rap moments:  at least 2

Further thoughts:  I, in no way whatsoever, am able to relate to teenagers or TV teenagers anymore.  What does that say about me?