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I hope spam comments are an indication that a website is getting traffic.  If it is, the The Cool Consumer is rolling!  We get spam comments all the time!  Mostly they’re those “tired of getting useless traffic on your website?” *uh, yeah* ones, or the ones who are all, “want to know how to make $5000 per day on the internet?” *for sho, fool!* and those are obviously spam.  My favorites are the ones who actually talk about the posts, while it’s obvious that they are posted by a bot and didn’t, in fact, read the post at all.

This one just came in on the “About Micah” page of TCC:

“Hey man, was just browsing by means of the world wide web searching for some information on this and came across your blog. I am very impressed by the info that you just have here. It shows how well you comprehend this. Bookmarked this page for further reading, will come back for more. btw,do you have any suggestions for weight loss options for children?”

If this was a real comment my response would be something like “feed them less.”  But since it isn’t, I decided to share this with you.

Another time, we got spam comments from this website called youngjeezylosemymind, saying that they didn’t understand the information put forth in the post.  Since that was on the “About Micah” page, and since Micah is the only one of any of us who had ever HEARD of Young Jeezy, that was pretty ironic and funny.  Incidentally, that youngjeezylosemymind website wanted me to login, play a game, and then it crashed my internet.  “Lose my mind” indeed.


That middle yellow one?  That “Only God” link, when you run your mouse over it, shows you that it goes to, which I am afraid to click on, because I fear that I will be put on some list that questions my patriotic nature or something.  The body of the comment says:

“Okay article. I merely discovered your website and wished to say I’ve actually enjoyed reading your ideas. By any implies I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I really hope you write-up yet again quickly….”

I did a site search to see what kind of content was on OneAllah, and here you go:

Site Search for One Allah

So, in addition to learning about someone’s opinion as to the one true God, you can learn how to care for your fish pond, and buy a sofa set, and get your man to stay with you.  I still didn’t go to the site.  I like having little mysteries in my life.

Now to my regularly scheduled panic about not getting enough work done.

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2 thoughts on “Comments are Spammy Fun”

  1. In an effort to provide a real comment, one worthy, of acceptance, but that is not always about monkeys, I will endeavor to provide feedback with minimal grammar and typo errors, to insure the negative combativeness of spam bot comments.

    ” Oh Yeah, Obama is in town, since we are talking about Allah. Et Al.”

  2. So, it just occurred to me that since I quoted all the warning signs of a spam comment, my last comment probably wound up in the spam filter.

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