Why Write?

This blog is sort of my baby.  It’s been around, in one form or another, since September of 2007.  So that’s three years.  That might not seem so long to you, but when I think about the things I’ve started and never finished, it seems like a really long time to me.

I have a one-third finished manuscript about war, the military, and my Dad that I’ll probably never finish.  Well, maybe I will.  I have this website – and the posts are seldom.  The more I learn about the internet, the more I learn that a “me” blog like this is pretty much never going to be picked up by anybody, never going to have a lot of traffic, and never going to make me any money.  So why keep at it?

Mainly, I didn’t start it to make money.  I started it because I had a corporate job that allowed very little creativity, I had nearly gotten fired for blogging on my MySpace blog, and I wanted a little corner of the Internet all to myself where I could work on my chosen craft and vent my frustrations, fears, mania, and other overly dramatic emotions.

So, mission accomplished, right?  I mean sure, I’m paying to host this site, so it would be nice if it made enough in ads or something to pay for that, but it doesn’t, and that is OK.  Ive got other things in the works that might take care of that for me.  And, they might not.  But at least, every day, I’m learning something.

And, at least, I have a place where I can say whatever I want and post ridiculous, poorly-drawn depictions of the AlligatorFishPig..

alligator fish pig rough draftIf you are one of the two people who reads this blog on a regular basis, and you totally miss my acerbic wit that is mixed ever so gently with my raw, emotional sensitivity (ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!) you can read stuff I write other places:

Weird Diseases
Strange Houses
Stupid Laws
Bizarre Bytes
Wedding Stuff
Best Websites
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Richmond Virginia

And two dear, awesome friends of mine and me are working hard on The Cool Consumer, a product and services review site.

I’m also working on a thesis, a volume of short stories, and a huge independent website project on J.D. Salinger.  But I’m still going to take time to post stuff here, because this is MY place.  And I can talk about AlligatorFishPig all I want to.

And nobody else will let me talk about Shatner…


So, in answer to the question, “why write?”  Because I can.

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  1. Maybe you have 3 readers?

    Keep writing and be sure to post the pic of the AFP when you finished your rough draft. I wonder what it would taste like….

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