Almost Heaven, Part II

I’m back from West Virginia, and I’m regretting with every fiber of my being leaving behind this beautiful slicing tomato I bought there. I would eat it, right now, like an apple. This amazing tomato was from Gritt’s Hydroponics, a greenhouse in Putnam County, West Virginia. I looked to see if they had a website, because I fancied having them overnight some of their magical tomatoes to me. They don’t have a website. Of course, that won’t stop me from calling them on Tuesday and asking them how I can either a) procure their fantastic tomatoes all the time or b) grow these wonderful tomatoes at my own home.

Here is a photo of the wonderful tomato, which will not even be enjoyed by my aunt and uncle, at whose house I left:
It’s brother, who I ate with relish (not actually relish, but I ate it with great enjoyment) was consumed in the span of a few minutes. I cut it into slices with this knife:
And it was so red and beautiful on the inside:
I’m so sad I can’t eat the one I left behind right now. I’m going to go to Tom Leonard and see if they have anything that even compares…

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2 Responses to Almost Heaven, Part II

  1. Ben says:

    Did you see the tomatoes on that last post?

  2. mattonfire says:

    Gross! Tomatoes with relish? Yuck!
    Oh, wait. Just went back and read that other part.

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