Time to Expand the Family

Internet, meet Jake.

We will be fostering Jake starting tomorrow. We met him at Petco, at a Humane Society adoption drive. Nobody knows where he came from, how old he is, or what his story is, but we already know that he doesn’t know basic commands and he just wants to be hugged. A lot.

We will likely adopt him, but since he was so new to the shelter they wanted us to foster first. I am deeply smitten, so you’ll probably be hearing a lot about him in the weeks to come.

4 thoughts on “Time to Expand the Family”

  1. I was just noticing that you follow all the same blogs that I do. Natalie Dee, Dooce, Married To The Sea… That’s pretty funny. After all these years, we still have the same weird tastes.– Lindsay

  2. He is very cute! Have fun with him and accept all the puppy love he wants to give you. It is a precious thing to be loved by a furry baby!

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