Jake Chambers of Richmond

Jake is a delight to be around. He is so, well, ENTHUSIASTIC about life. I guess that comes from being a dog, though I’m extremely prejudiced and think that he’s got an exceptionally great demeanor, even for a dog. I think he’s really happy to be here. Dwight’s happy about it too.

He stretches a lot, which makes me think he’s still growing. I think he’s a lot younger than we initially thought.

We got him this big silky pillow at Wal-Mart and he really likes to sit on it.

And sleep on it.

I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help but think about the fact that Jake had this whole other life before we met him, and that he can’t just tell us about it. I mean, we can speculate till the cows come home, but we don’t know for sure. And never will. Take that, Control Freak Tendencies. I have a couple possible pasts in mind:

1) He was a farm dog. The favorite of the litter, he would ride around in the truck with the kindly old farmer. He slept in the barn at night and chased all the barn cats. One tragic day the farmer died, and his closest kin came to settle the affairs of the farm. Unfortunately for Jake, the closest kin was the farmer’s city-slickin’ son who closed down the farm and took all the animals to the closest animal control facility. There Jake sat for days and days, confused and hurt by the heartbreaking turn of events. The Henrico Humane Society picked him up, took him to the vet, and then put him out on display in front of the Petco, hoping that a nice family would take him home. Enter Dwight and me, who met him and wanted to take him home. The rest is history (that we’re making right now).

2) He was part of a puppy farm (illegal puppy breeding factory things). He escaped, was caught on the road, hoping to catch a ride with a nice trucker or bus driver. He got picked up by Amelia County animal control, and the rest follows.

3) He was traveling around Amelia County, searching for intellegent life. He heard a human coming, and quickly morphed into dog form, when he was picked up and the rest follows as above. He has since decided that he likes to be in dog form, and will stay that way until the Mothership appears.

No matter what the circumstances, I’m glad he’s here. Plus, he does this funny burrowing-wiggling around thing:

He’s not weird. Not at all.

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