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What a World – I Heart Margaret Hamilton

photo by Loren Javier
photo by Loren Javier

On the way to school yesterday I heard that Wicked is coming to the Landmark. I’ve never seen the show, but I read the book (and all his other ones except the newest one) and liked them.

So, since I heard that radio commercial yesterday, I dreamed about Margaret Hamilton all night last night. I was running a bit of a temperature, so I basically dreamed the whole book Wicked with Margaret Hamilton as Elphaba. There wasn’t any singing in my dream, except for the occasional background music of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

This is a test shot I found on YouTube. Margaret Hamilton is testing out facial expressions in the green makeup to make sure they show up on film. She gets tickled at herself, breaking into a lovely smile at the end. This is why I love the YouTubes.

Good times.

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