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Random Update

Halloween was last weekend, and for the first time in a long time me and The Hubs went out. We actually went to a wedding Saturday afternoon (a costume wedding – what a neat idea, yeah?) and ate some grilled cheeses with our dear friend The Swisher and then all got ready for a night out on the town.

The plan was to go to Gallery 5, a local art gallery (and so much more) located in Jackson Ward. So that’s what we did. I got my Tarot cards read by a women who seriously had no energy left to give a crap and saw a band that rocked my face off.   Apparently they’ve been around for three years, so I’ve obviously been living under a rock.  I’m probably going to write them up on the other blog I write (for work) so keep an eye out there.

I already put our costume pictures up on Facebook, so I won’t bore you with them here  (since I’m friends with both my readers on Facebook – hi guys!) and I’m sure some other people out there managed to get pictures of the event that don’t look like they were taken by a three year old.   In fact, this person has pictures on Flickr even as we speak.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  I’m behind on everything – from laundry to scholarly pursuits, but I thought I’d take a minute to put SOMETHING here now that I’m actually on the interwebs for real.  No more training wheels.

I realize it’s been forever since I posted anything about Emma, so here is a little story in pictures you might enjoy – featuring our favorite four-year-old.

Emma Jamz
Emma Jamz

It’s funny, because most pictures of drummers are usually the same.  They are just sitting there, behind those drums, rocking out.  That’s what Emma’s doing here.  She’s rocking out.

Emma Roarz
Emma Roarz

When she’s rocked quite enough we went outside for some general running around and going crazy.  This is Emma roaring mightily.  She kept yelling “What?!?!” ala Lil’ John, which I understand is something her parents taught her years ago.

Emma Smilez
Emma Smilez

Give a kid a bunch of candy and juice and they’ll keep you entertained for hours.  Not that we did that…much.

Emma Glamz
Emma Glamz

In my shameless ploy to be Emma’s “favorite” that night, I presented her with a pink feather boa with the brief explanation that every girl needs a pink feather boa.  I saved the tiara for the next time I sense that The Hubs might be her “favorite” that particular time.

**a note about “favorites”.  The Illustrious Father of Emma told us a little story wherein he, Emma, and several other folks were at the beach for vacation.  Emma asked a friend of the family if she would carry her down to the water.  The friend of the family replied that Emma was perfectly capable of walking herself, and Emma said that she was fully aware of that, she would just prefer to be carried.  The friend of the family asked, “Why?  Why do you want me to carry you?” To which Emma replied, “Because you’re my favorite.”  Sneaky, clever, and totally effective, of course.  We all try to be Emma’s favorite every time we see her.  I’m convinced this will turn her into a great lobbyist or movie star, and hopefully not a cult leader.

So, now that you’ve been hit by that tidal wave of adorableness, I will bid you adieu.  I’m off to find interesting pictures and stories to share with you.  After I finish the mountain of schoolwork and workwork I need to do.

Adieu, ya’ll.  Adieu.


A couple of weeks ago we put Jake through a trial-by-fire. For some time we’ve been wondering how Jake would act around children, since we have about 800 nieces and nephews, and we’re lucky enough to be friends with the coolest almost-four-year-old ever.

We’re happy to report that Jake was a perfect gentleman. Now if he could just behave himself around my BFF Katie. Katie’s a small lady, and Jake thinks she’s his princess. Seriously. He loves her.

Here is an example of how awesome Jake acted around Emma:

Plus, how cute is this kid? Honestly…

Backlog of Stuff

I keep thinking, “Hey I need to blog about this” about stuff and then I don’t. I know it’s certainly not breaking anyone’s heart and nobody is checking every day to see if I’ve dropped any more pearls of wisdom on this website. I shall continue nonetheless.

What’s been new lately? Still slowing losing my job. I love the lady I’m working for now – she’s brilliant and hilarious and I respect the crap out of her, so that’s really nice. It’s interesting and horribly depressing watching a company go through everything this company has been through. It’s also pretty weird to be the person who helps the CEO get ready to leave the company forever. I will remember this time forever – the sad parts and how much I’m learning about how bankruptcies work and how the morale is dipping into the very pits of despair. I try to stay cheerful through it all and make myself as useful as possible.

I’m going to start a blog documenting the progress of the Enbrel (the psoriasis medicine I’m starting this week). It will prove helpful to me in keeping me aware of how the medicine is actually performing, and maybe it will be helpful to other people out there (since there are, after all, 125 million people int he world with psoriasis) who are considering this expensive and kind of risky therapy. I’ll provide a link for it here (after it’s up) in case you’re interested in reading it.

I promised an Emma update a while ago, but wanted to double check that it was OK to post video. Turns out I have carte blanche, so submitted for your enjoyment, here is Emma singing her favorite song from The Little Mermaid:

Hands down, the cutest kid ever. We had a really nice time hanging out with her and her parents – we don’t get to see her mamma as often (she works a LOT and just finished college) so it was nice to just have some dinner and watch a movie. We watched Sleeping Beauty, which is probably my favorite pre-Disney Renaissance flick. And, best Disney villian ever. I enjoyed the heck out of it. I also made a kick-ass pork tenderloin. I will post the recipe soon.