Yep, I’m Going There

Ok. I know it’s crazy, but I’m not totally loving Adam Lambert’s performances on American Idol tonight. I realize that he is the most talented of the final three (and the final four, for that matter), I don’t LIKE him the most.

It’s not because he might be gay. I don’t give a crap about his sexual orientation, to tell you the truth. But I do care about what kind of new music gets introduced to the next generations.

Ultimately, I think that evolution-ally speaking that we’ ve moved beyond Hair Bands. Notice that I capitalize it out of homage, but honestly, aren’t we done with that schtick? I mean, is Brett Michaels’ agent working overtime for fun? Or is that hair metal-glam rock type of vocal obsolete right now? I believe, truly guys, that it is. It was too soon to bring it back. Firehouse and Faster Pussycat have not made it into the “Classic Rock Through The Ages” Time Life Series publication for a reason. It’s just too soon, Glambert. We’re not ready. We can totally be OK with you being gay…that’s a non issue. But bringing back the Hair Metal vocal style? America’s not ready for that, Dude.

I’m just saying…

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4 thoughts on “Yep, I’m Going There”

  1. I think part of winning AI is random. You can’t be too much like last year’s person. I don’t think Kelly Clarkson wins if she’s the year after Carrie Underwood. The other two are too close to the Davids in my opinion, which is why the judges are actually asking people to vote for Adam (who I think is the most talented but he will strain his vocal chords before the tour ends)

    And Hi!

  2. Glee holy crap loved it or hated it?

    I think it’s going to be great, but will struggle to find an audience and will get cancelled because it’s so expensive

  3. Glee. Loved it. Loved it so much that I plan to watch the premiere of it several more times, forcing family members and coworkers to do the same. Dammit. I will MAKE it so that show has an audience. What did you think?

  4. I even forced young ones to watch, although they didn’t like it much. It needs a likely sponsor. I love “Chuck” and they said it got renewed because geeky fans bought footlong subs when it was on so Subway signed on for 13 more episodes. Hard to figure out the natural “Glee” sponsor.

    On the other hand, clever shows do seem to sell lots of DVDs and spur movies (see Arrested Development)

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