Misheard Song Lyrics

1. In Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” I always thought it was “telepathic human nature” instead of “tell them that it’s human nature”.
2. My cousin, Susie? She thought Wing’s song “Band on the Run” was “stand on the rug”.
3. My cousin Lori thought that Huey Lewis’s “Hip to Be Square” said “Hit the Breezeway”.
4. The first time my dad heard Stone Temple Pilot’s “Creep” he reprimanded me for listening to pornographic music. He thought the lyrics “take time with the wounded hand” was “take time with a woman’s pants”.
5. Dean Martin’s version of “Sway” has the lyrics “other dancers may be on the floor”. I thought for a long time that he was saying “other dancers may pee on the floor.”

So that’s fun.

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3 thoughts on “Misheard Song Lyrics”

  1. In the Beastie Boys song, “She’s Crafty” my brother heard the line, When I saw this girl I could never forget” as “When I saw this girl, I could never be gay.” So there’s that.

  2. My mom thought that in “Spiderwebs” Gwen was singing
    “I scream my balls off” instead of “I screen my phone calls.” Oh, Mom!

  3. Sara, I also thought Gwen Stefani was talking about her balls in that song. I can’t believe I forgot about that! Thanks for your comment and I hope you’re doing really well.

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