Citzen Cope

We went to the Citizen Cope show at the National on Friday. Our buddy Jeff had VIP tickets, so we used the VIP bar, had nifty seats, etc. My favorite thing about the whole experience? The chandelier in the VIP bar.

I also really liked the opening act a lot – a little lady named Mieka Pauley. Little lady, great big voice. She did a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (one of my top ten favorite songs of all time) that gave me chills.

The main act was good. Very gracious to the audience, excited to be there, and the audience was pretty stoked. I was doubly glad we were in VIP because the floor was absolutely crawling with people.

I ventured downstairs to buy Mieka’s CD and almost got trampled, plus the myraid of little girls in unfortunately cut tops had their arms flailing in sheer happiness to see each other (even though they came there together) and I’m surprised nobody lost an eye. Yep. I’m getting old.

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