A few random and sleepy thoughts

Josh Whats-His-Name, the guy from Lost? He really doesn’t look all that great with his shirt off. I think that Cool Water cologne/perfume ad is kind of stupid. There’s old slopy-shouldered Sawyer being all stubbly and gritty jawed, and there’s Kate Beckinsale with her messed-up hair and she’s kind of holding her mouth open like a cat does when it sniffs something really hard or catches the scent of something in the wind. Sexy. I mean, I get it. He comes up out of the water all musky and Cool Watery and she catches his scent in the breeze. Like a big ol British cat. It might work better for me if she hadn’t played a vampire in a movie. I was kind of thinking she might bite him on his big ol’ slopy shoulder.

Amazon Ad-Thingy isn’t as intuitive as I’d hoped. There’s, like, a half a web page on the side of my other blog’s webpage. I’m not linking to it yet. It only has one post and no content yet.

In retrospect, McDonald’ s wasn’t the best idea for dinner.

We just watched “Smart People” with Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP), Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page. It was the first thing since Wings I’ve seen Thomas Haden Church in and liked him. Sideways made me want to punch him in the face. In fact, the whole movie made me want to punch the whole movie industry in the face. Really? This is what all the fuss was about? And I even already LOVED Paul Giamatti. Sorry, folks. That movie was a crap cracker as far as I was concerned.

Waking up before 6AM sucks – it’s 9:30 and I feel like it’s way past my bedtime.

If I can’t find parking on the street for school tomorrow I will consider it a bad omen.

I am in the process of casting many Neil Gaimen movies in my head. Ask me how! Soon if he asks for my opinion I’ll be able to offer it without hesitation.

Why doesn’t Blogger have a damn spell check? Do they think we all type it into word or notepad first? Not all of us can write html, people. Give us a break.

You know what I like? I like when you have a pleasant or witty exchange with someone and it DOESN’T turn awkward. Pay attention next time. You’ll notice just how often that happens.

If I worry about money much longer I think all my hair will fall out. Speaking of hair, I’m cutting mine even shorter. I hate this style that it’s in. I’ve been wearing a lacy kerchief thing on my head and I think people at work think I might have changed religions or something. Or joined the damn VonTrapp family.

Now I’m going to have that “High on a hill sat a lonely goatherd” song stuck in my head. See if you don’t too.

I’m glad they don’t have emoticons readily available. I’m liable to abuse them. Except for with instant messaging I don’t think it gets much better than sending the totally wrong animated emoticon smily face guy for the occasion.

Either Grandpa’s down the well, or the cat forgot she already ate dinner.

Am I crazy, or is it really exciting when a store has an “As Seen On TV” department?

Downing Johnson Out

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