After a long day…

After a long day I like to hang out with my husband. He’s handsome and nice and fun to be around. I like him a lot.
Tonight he helped me with a backlog of files I had to go through for work, and we made a Mexican lasagna. When dinner was ready we sat down for some educational television.
**Correction** My husband sat down for some educational television. I sat down for some TV.
I could (and I’m only a little ashamed to admit it) pretty much watch a Buffy or and Angel episode at any time, so he’s a little leery of my taste, even though I’ve shown him so many wonderful movies and TV shows that he’d have never considered if it weren’t for me.
**As my Mam-Maw used to say, “She who toots not her own horn that same horn shall not be toot-ethed.”**
For instance, he would have never watched an indie movie with NO KNOWN STARS in it just because he liked the title before he met me. So he would have never seen The Rage In Placid Lake, and that would have been a pity. Because we both really liked that. By the way, that was during our teen-angst-coming-of-age-we-may-be-in-our-thirties-but-at-least-we’re-not-still-teenagers-thank-God phase. We also wached Rocket Science, The Squid and the Whale, and Thumbsucker during this phase, which took place several months ago. And I know what you’re thinking – and this was all before we saw Juno or even Charlie Bartlett, so don’t go giving Diablo Cody and Robert Downey Jr. credit for something that’s all me, Baby! So yeah. I’ve been meaning to review a few of those, but instead tonight I want to tell you about this episode of South Park we watched tonight (instead of the educational TV that D would have watched had I been in the den or the bedroom, watching yet another episode of Buffy).

I don’t want you to think that the only thing we agree on is South Park, or that I’m some kind of ignoramous who is totally against watching anything that will enhance my mind. I don’t have a viable argument for that last part, but I’ll be sure to write about it if I watch anything educational any time soon. I mean, I am totally about getting smarter. I’m just too TIRED to watch anything brain-straining after a day like today. Cut me some slack, people.


It was some trilogy three-part series all put together about Imagination Land, and some of the guys get taken there by a roly poly mayor man but then terrorists attack and the US Government threatens to nuke our collective imagination because it’s “running wild”. Meanwhile, back in Imagination Land, the terrorists have broken down the wall between the “nasty” imaginary creatures and the “happy” imaginary creatures and from then on it’s down hill with AIDS jokes, sick references, and suggested necrophilia.
Aw…what’s the matter? Hoping for some stupid cat pee humor instead? Yep, I really was. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are genuinely clever guys, but sometimes they cross the line into disturbing and whacko. And I mean wh-acko. I’m happy for them that they have an outlet for all that weirdness (otherwise it could be a lot worse I guess), but I worry that some of this reaches too young an audience to just realize that these are the half-crazed meanderings of two, well, I guess you could call them both “man child”, or evil geniuses who create most of what they create for their own pleasure and amusement.
Although I could be totally wrong, and they might actually hate this stuff. I’ve never asked them. Maybe I should research some of this to be sure that I’m ranting in the right direction. Or…not. That just smacks of effort.
I will say that I will have fun for the next few days imagining my own Imagination Land. I am afraid that most of the things I imagine wouldn’t fit into just one side of that “happy/nasty” wall. I guess we’ll see…

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