Say Day Three

I made a promise to post every day for a month. I’m sitting at the computer in the den eating leftover Mexican lasagna (layers of tortilla, seasoned ground beef, cheese, and salsa) and listening to Tears for Fears while D eats in the living room watching his educational television. I think I was annoying him. I had a long day at work, and had a bloody mary (or three) after. We got to writing a song (yes, folks, I wrote a melody and some lyrics) and then got too hungry and he got cranky.
It makes me feel better that the kitty chooses to be in here with me. In the den. Where her litterbox is. So, I guess it doesn’t make me feel that much better.
I’m making a playlist on iTunes of songs that make my belly go *whoosh* like a roller coaster. I just switched to America by Simon and Garfunkel to put it in my playlist.
I’ll post the whole list when it’s done.
I’m going to go rock out by my lonesome. I feel a Who binge coming on…

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