Watched Today

I watched “The Namesake” today. I thought it was just a “he can be serious” vehicle for Kal Penn when I rented it, but I was surprised at how rich and moving it was.

I was surprised at the amount of movie dedicated to his parents, as everything I’d heard about it mentioned nothing at all about that. I liked it so much. I loved the actors who played his parents and I loved the development of their relationship.

I cried about three times.

I thought ol’ Kal did a good job. I didn’t see his potential so much in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” (big surpise), and I didn’t see that crappy “Van Wilder” sequal. He did a stint on House (and I guess will continue to be on that show, if TV ever comes back) and I liked him, but I didn’t get a “holy crap this guy is a really good actor” vibe from him. He shows some chops in “The Namesake”. It’s a shame it has such a chick-flicky cover, because a lot of guys (my husband included) will steer way clear of it for fear that it is a chick flick.

And as far as my husband is concerned, a chick flick is NOT worth his time if it doesn’t have Drew Barrymore in it.

Next up is “The Whole Wide World”. I’ll let you know.

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