I promised myself I’d write every day, and I’m doing it, whether it’s worth a damn or not. I ended up going into the office today, and I’m really glad I did. Everyone acted happy to see me.

Ate utter crap for dinner…cheesesteak and cheese fries. So much for THAT part of my New Year’s Resolution. Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Gotta go to bed early. I’ve reviewed my returned assignments from this intercession course and I’ve got to say I’m happy but irritated. NOWHERE in the real world do they condemn you for using contractions. Get over it, guys.

Meh. I have class tomorrow (that’s right, on Saturday) and I’ve got to get up early to type my paper. I wrote it out in class today, but I still need to type it.

Maybe I have enough energy to play with my planner some more. I really love that thing.

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  1. Saturday classes SUCK. I took one last semester and I swear I will never take one again! 🙂 Good for you though to go for it and get those credits! 🙂 Check out my blog: (although you can prob get to it through my signature somewhere)

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