I want to make out with my planner

My day planner, that is. I got this sturdy teNeues personal planner called “The 2008 Calendar of Bunny Suicides”. It has a nice firm front and back cover so you don’t have to hunt down another book to balance it on when you write stuff in it, and it has nice thick pages, so if you were inclined to write in an array of different color fine-pointed Sharpies (green for birthdays, red for action items…) the color doesn’t bleed through to the next page or even the back of the page.

The theme of Suicide Bunnies might seem unsavory to you. Judge for thyself: http://www.retrocomputing.net/racconti/umor/coniglio/pandora.beptuui.html

Bliss! I will love it intensely for about a week, and then I will lose it or fail to update it. One thing that gives this day planner a fighting chance over day planners of yore is the lovely correction tape that works like typewriter correction tape except for it comes in a nifty dispenser and you can roll it over mistakes that you make. It looks like this:

If you have never used I, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t have the savory odor of traditional liquid white out, but it is a far superior product.

On to more tiny notations in my optimistic attempt at color-coded organization.

Here it is.

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