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Not Quite Done

OK, I know I just wrote about this, but I’m kind of cheesed off about it. I’m not supposed to write about it, because you’re not supposed to mention your, ahem, profit-getting units, and I have nowhere to vent this frustration. My mom’s all, “Honey, I think it’s a little ridiculous that you’re so upset about this.” And I’m sort of thinking that she’s right. What does it matter? I didn’t create this space as a way to make money. I created it as a place to ramble on self-indulgently and delude myself into thinking that would be entertaining to the general public. I just liked seeing how many page impressions I got per day. So maybe they’ll let me have that back.

I can see it now.

Me: Look, I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Whatever I’m doing wrong? I’ll stop it. Just tell me what it is.
Google: You’re lucky we even let you keep your blog, you ingrate.
Me: Do you have to call me names? I already feel bad enough.
Google: There IS no bad enough, Ms. J. You’re lucky we even let you keep your blog NAME. We technically own it. Plus, all your content. We own that too. Actually, we own YOU. That’s right. We technically bought you from the government about three months ago. We could put you out of your misery at any time. And don’t think we won’t. We’re serious.
Me: Obviously, yeah. You’re serious. Listen, can I get an allowance?

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