Oh Yeah, Cookbooks

Also during my time away from this blog I helped write some cookbooks. Here are links to them.

skinny smoothies

Skinny Smoothies – smoothies that are tasty and good for you. Co-written by yours truly.

holiday slow cooker

Holiday Slow Cooker – my fabulous Mom wrote this.  I helped with research and stuff.  Tasting stuff.

slow cooker desserts

Slow Cooker Desserts – Another Mom book. I helped by eating the sweets and providing encouragement. And sort of being Mom’s representation.

The slow cooker books are a direct result of internet randomness. I own this other website called Crock Pot Ninja (http://www.crockpotninja.com) that I built for Mom and I do work on (blog posts are cheaper than estate sales, right?) and we posted some and the offer came along. Blog karma. Or something.


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