Help I’m A Slob Part II – The Master Bedroom

Installment #2 of this fascinating series brings you to the bedroom – the one we sleep in.  Because it was, like every other room in the house, totally messy and awful.  As of 11:40 AM, I am not even halfway through cleaning it, but here are the before pictures, and I’ll post the after pictures later.

The Master Bedroom



2 thoughts on “Help I’m A Slob Part II – The Master Bedroom”

  1. Hi! 🙂 I still read your blog! It’s in my google reader so new entries pop right up! Great minds must think alike – I’ve spent the last 2 days cleaning up my house as well! Didn’t take before pictures, but it looked a lot like yours did! I’m done with the main level so it feels like I’ve done something…now I’m off to attack the basement!

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