Exciting News

So, following in the footsteps of some of my favorite bloggers, I pulled out the old Mastercard and paid $9 whole dollars for a real domain name today.  It was a big step.  I had to sit down for a moment.  I also have a benevolent backer who has offered to help me with hosting, so it looks like www.notalwaysaboutmonkeys.com is going to be up very soon.  Until then, I will enjoy WordPress while I have it, because it is so very lovely.

I will now amuse you with badly-taken photographs of a dog I met recently.  I can’t remember his name, because it was an odd, exotic name, and I didn’t really hear it the first three times the dog’s owner told it to me.

Meet Whats-His-Name, the adorable French Bulldog:

Picture 098
Picture 096
Cute, huh?

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