It's Been A While

It’s also been a busy time. We’ve been working full throttle and I’ve been working at Bankruptcy Inc. and freelance writing (yay!) all at the same time. We have no clean forks or underpants, but life is good.

I’ve just found out that because of all this nifty reading and computer work, that I need bifocals. BIFOCALS. Dudes, I’m getting older…everyone is. But BIFOCALS?!? At 32? Really?

I mainly wear contacts, so I just had to get some drugstore reading glasses and using them is giving me headaches that would cripple Hercules. And he’s a pretty tough guy.

I have a great story about Emma to tell you all, but it’s going to take a minute for me to get the picture uploaded. So this is it for now, and stay tuned for a much more amusing post in the near future.

One thought on “It's Been A While”

  1. Hold off on the bifocals! I wore reading glasses with my contacts for years until, quite by accident, one day I put in one contact and was distracted by a phone call. I realized that with one contact in, I could see far out of that eye and close out of the other. I went on like that for months, free of reading glasses. When it came time for my next eye appointment, I felt sure I was going to be yelled at for my "invention," only to find that this is quite a common practice, called "monovision." I was like, why the hell didn't someone tell me about this a long time ago??? I've been doing this now for a few years with no problem and no reading glasses. Try it, and if you have one eye that is more nearsighted than the other, put the contact in the other eye. See what happens. Believe me, I wish someone had clued me in to this before I was a slave to reading glasses. Good luck!

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