We’re Hip and Cool

So, I told you about this estate sale I went to, and I would figure out how to link to the previous blog post, but since it was just a promise for THIS blog post it’s probably not worth it. Dwight and I have been enjoying the smooth sounds of this 1962-ish Magnavox stereo console:
It’s got a swingin’ sound that makes me want to serve Dwight a martini with olives while wearing an apron and pearls. And not in a dirty way, you gutterheads. Swingin’ in the old fashioned way that doesn’t mean spouse-swapping – like that Leave It To Beaver episode where the Beav has joined a record club and has been squirreling the bills away in a drawer somewhere and Wally catches on and goes to confront the Beav and the Beav is all digging on his tunes on his little turntable and Wally’s all, “You have to tell Mom and Dad!” and the Beav’s all, “Not now, Wally, I’m swingin!”. Thanks Mike, for reminding me of that, because that’s exactly what I mean.

Stay tuned for more estate sale fun, plus a full update on the grueling house-buying process.

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2 thoughts on “We’re Hip and Cool”

  1. Holy snap! My parents had one just like it! I used to love that big ol' floor stereo. True story: when I was 16 I dismantled the speakers and tried to hook them up in my Plymouth Reliant K. That's how the white trash roll in Western New York. Anyway – seeing these pics bring back memories. Have fun swingin'.

  2. Did it work? And what did the speakers look like once you got them out? I’m so paranoid that something is going to go wrong with this thing to destroy the smooth swingin’ sound and I won’t know how to fix it!

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