The Scarlet Blogger

Apparently, in my attempt to profit off of my witticisms and charm, I have pissed off Google. If you visit here regularly, you may have noticed this attempt for profit, which I don’t dare call by name for fear of pissing Google off even further. Today you will notice that the “areas of effort” are blank no-man’s-lands of internet wasteland. Yes, Gentle Readers, I have filed an appeal, because I don’t feel that anything untoward happens here at NAAM, and because I know you really love to know where you can buy earwig poison.

I cried about it actually. But that’s me lately. Crying about everything. The funny thing? Even though it’s treated me like a red-headed stepchild, I still love Google. I just wish Google still loved me. *sniff*

Actually, Google probably never did love me. It’s too big. It can’t love individual people. It’s not God, after all. It can’t see into my heart and know that there is more good there than bad. Come on, guys. Don’t be so hard on it.

End rambling.

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