A few things you should know about us before you watch this video:

  • we recycle, so that big pile of bags and bottles and boxes you see between the cat dishes and the microwave? That’s not trash. It’s clean recyling stuff for the nice recycling people who pick up our recycling.
  • The Kitty thinks she should be fed all the time, every day. You will notice that she is not exactly skinny. We feed her a reasonable amount, and try to exercise her every day. She’s just voluptous.
  • Dwight takes FOREVER to get the animal’s food ready. FOREVER. This video series will illustrate that point. I do not show this to complain about that. It is just a fact.
  • When my dad’s brother had his first kid, he’d take endless videos of her rolling over in her crib. Not too interesting to a 6-year-old, but now I understand. When they’re yours, they are cute. I hate to think what we’ll be like when we have kids. We’re pretty stupid about our pets.

If one were to do a blow-by-blow, it might go a little something like this…

Cat: It’s food time.
Me: What Kitty? What is it Kitty?
Cat: Whatareya? Stupid? It’s food time. Foooood tiiiiimmmeeee.
Me: Whosis Kitty? Issiboo Kitty?
Cat: Honestly.
Me: Whoosiewhatcheeissiboo Kitty?
Cat: I’m going over here to check on the progress of my dinner.
*cat’s tail twiches uncontrollably*
*cat wonders what is taking so long. cat wishes she could see up on the island. maybe he should be giving her more food.
*cat thinks that the spoon and dry food sound sounds closer to being done*
Cat: Better mosey on over to my….Run! The food! It’s coming! Better hurry!
Cat: WTF?

The End. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of Pet Feeding Time at the Johnson Home.

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