Snow Day

Today was a snow day. I finished the John Cusack article for, answered work emails, and then worked on my paper for Immigrant literature, which I have changed sixteen times since the two times I blogged about it. Sheesh. Tomorrow, from the time I wake up (EARLY) until it’s time to log into work (11 AM) I am going to finish it. Then I will work on a spreadsheet project I have pending. Fun. Then I will study for Poli Sci. Sometime before 5 I will finish a special project I’m working on for a friend, then I will try to clean part of the house.

Ambitious, aren’t I?

Jake, as it turns out, likes the snow. It snowed 7 or 8 inches here. This is what it looked like from my front porch:

And here are the poor vehicles, all covered in snow:

And here is Jake, enjoying the snow a whole whole bunch.
My herculean hubby hauled all the heavy snow out of the driveway. That was really nice of him, seeing as how I can’t even set one toe on snow without causing myself serious bodily harm. Grace. Grace is not my name.

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