Highlights of the Eleventy Hundred Dreams I Had Last Night

I have anywhere between 5 and a million dreams in any given night. I can usually only remember one or two but this morning is a mish-mosh so enjoy the “quick & dirty”:

1. Posh Spice informing me that her parents are making her move to Detroit, Ohio and me telling her that the shopping is really good there. Yes, I know that Detriot is in Michigan. In my dream it was in Ohio.

Note: funny enough, I think this one was because I was reading a book full of critical essays on Hemingway’s depiction of Michigan in his short stories. Random.

2. Realizing that being the Catcher In The Rye that Holden Caulfield talked about would be difficult, because it was my job to catch running toddlers finished with the limbo line and they were FAST.

Dwight mentioned that he needed to finish reading The Catcher In the Rye night before last. I guess it took my brain a day to catch up.

3. The one where I’m supposed to be playing rhythm guitar for Aerosmith, except that I don’t know how to play rhythm guitar and I have just had a big fight with all the guys in Aerosmith.

So typical. I know.

4. The shot I have to give myself for the psoriasis had a side effect of me being able to read thoughts, but only in strangers, leaving me the creepy person who picks thoughts out of the heads of strangers and not being able to keep my mouth shut about it.


5. I was on a huge Pathwords board and I had to crawl around and touch the letters with my forehead to make the words.

I need to take a break from Pathwords, apparently.

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