So I was at a meeting on Friday morning, and this is what happened:

She walked me out to the lobby, shook my hand, and as I tried to suavely turn around and put my coat on at the same time I gracefully fell into and over a chair that was situated attractively if not inconveniently (for me) near the door. I don’t have the descriptive prowess to accurately describe the scene, but I will tell you that I have sore muscles from the amount of control I had to exert in order to not land on the floor. I guess it was something about the trajectory of my body in the turn, and how the chair was placed and where it hit me on my body. If I hadn’t tried – if I’d just let myself fall – I would have bounced off the chair and landed on the floor. Classy.

Of course the person I was meeting with asked if I was OK. I responded “Yes, if we can just pretend that didn’t just happen.”

Purple-faced, I told the person I was meeting with and the office manager to have a nice weekend, swallowed the half-hysterical lump in my throat, and left.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?

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