More Jake

Since yesterday was so nice, we did a lot of playing outside with Jake. He’s so high energy but doesn’t really have a lot of focus. No interest in chasing the ball, but he likes this discus-type thing I bought. He doesn’t want to catch it, he just wants to bring it to me and then play tug-of-war with it. I have a video of that, but it’s not near as hilarious without audio, so let me work on that before I roll it out as the Most Ferocious Dog Ever video. I wish Dwight had the camera on us at one point, when every bit of Jake left the ground in his attempt to vanquish the floppy Wal-Mart discus.

Anyway, here is a little video of Jake loving on his new parents. We adopted him officially on Saturday. So, meet Jake Chambers of Richmond Johnson.

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