C'mon 60 Degrees

At the risk of sounding like a trivial blogger, I want to talk about the weather for a minute. I hate, and I mean hate, the cold. I know we should be glad for it to be cold because it means that the global warming isn’t melting positively every single iceberg in the whole world right this minute, but as a arthritic psoriatic (and also an enormous wussy) I would rather go south and wait for this chill to pass.

Looming unemployment and being smack in the thick of my last semester of my undergrad, traveling is not really an option right now. So I’m trying to think of ways to stay warm and feel better without spending a lot of money, going anywhere, or staying in the bathtub 24/7. Because that would seriously hamper my productivity.

Stay tuned for my findings, which are sure to be a poor substitute for, say, Florida.

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