So for once I have almost as many saved posts as posted posts, and I’m working on perfecting them all to delight and entertain my audience of exactly two people. Luckily for me, those two people are very important to me so I strive to impress, if only to hear, “Hey Liz, nice blog the other day”.

It’s been a tumultous week at work, and I’m just praying for one, two, eight, twenty, thirty more weeks that can be as tumultous as they wanna be, so long as I keep a job through the upcoming semester.

I have an awesome new Emma post with VIDEO, I just have to get her parent’s permission to post their child on my blog. She’s awesome, and it’s possible (remotely, remotely possible) that some legitimate Hollywood person will stumble across my humble blog and offer her parents ten gazillion dollars for similar videos of Her Adorableness, so that’s an incentive.

I also have lots to say about the books I’ve been reading to get ahead of the upcoming semester, and how excited I am about the work I’ll be doing in my Senior Seminar class. Just trying to find the time to make it all entertaining enough to validate my presence in this little space.

One day at a time…

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