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When I think about this blog it becomes distorted in my mind. I like to think of it as a showcase for my keen observations and acerbic wit, but it’s really not. It’s really a place where I sluggishly review movies and talk about my various ailments and stresses – so tense and completely stressed out and afraid of saying anything too personal while getting intirely tiresome reporting on migraine after migraine.


This is my New Year’s Resolution to myself. I want a blog that’s fun for ME to read, whether or not it’s fun for anyone else to read. Back in my early blogging days I used to chuckle out loud when I wrote a blog. I would feel smug and self-satisfied when I went back and read them. I want that back. I want to feel smug and self-satisfied. I want the word venom.

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  1. I thought twice before approving that comment, and then thought, “you know? that’s the whole point of that post”. So no, Anonymous. I have NOT forgotten the face of my father, and if you don’t like reading about me, me, me mayhap you should read someone else’s blog.

  2. Sadly 90% of blogs are me, me, me. “I had the yummiest cup of coffee this morning?”…these types of thoughts justify a web page? (Not meant as a quote from your site, merely an illustration).I understand web pages are cheap but perhaps all the collective human time spent sorting through the chaff for the grain is not so cheap.I did not intend to snipe at you individually so much (and let’s face it anonymous postings foster so much cowardice out there). Hence the ‘mayhap’.My intent was more to leave a general gripe about the trivial, minutia-focused, self-centered nature of so many blogs. Even, mayhap, one maintained by a talented writer who wrote some very funny things in a dying corporate newsletter. I mean, those took some guts.Push yourself a little, that’s all I’m saying. I am glad you have not forgotten the face of your father. Good luck with the new billy-bumbler in your family. He should provide a worthwhile diversion from navel gazing. =)I will harry you no more, mayhap I need to go push myself on some things, too.

  3. Fair enough, Anonymous. I found it disconcerting that you left your snipe on a post that was, in fact, about writing better content for my little corner of the web. I would like to push myself, and I suppose I should feel lucky that I have a reader who thinks I should do so. So, stick around and feel free to snipe at me if you think I’m getting too trivial.

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