My, my, my Delilah

No, this isn’t about the awesome song made popular by Tom Jones, although that’s had a prominent place in this past weekend. This is about the radio host Delilah, host of “Delilah After Dark”, a popular syndicated show. Usually I really like Delilah. When I used to travel I would tune in and feel like I was listening to this really nice friend I knew talk to people and make them feel really special. So, when I ran out to find eggnog I tuned in, because it was on and I was only in the car for a hot minute. I was seriously dissapointed.

This obviously Midwestern guy calls in and says he’s baking cookies with his wife so their kids could decorate them tomorrow. He says he just wanted to call and dedicate a song to his beautiful wife, mother of his four beautiful children. Delilah asks if they’re sugar cookies. The guy says yes. So Delilah advises the guy not to cook them until they are golden brown, because then they will be too hard to eat. So the guy says that his wife bakes all the time and that she’s right over his shoulder “breaking him in” tonight. So Delilah asks “how many children do you have?” HELLO! He said he had four! Then Delilah says “have fun with your wife and kids”. Delilah! Obviously the children are already in bed, and he and his wife are staying up to bake the cookies they’re going to decorate tomorrow. He dedicated “Merry Christmas Baby” by Bruce Springsteen. That’s a grown-up Christmas song! He and the wifey are hanging out in the kitchen, drinking wine and making cookies and possibly working on baby number five. Crappy “phone detective” work, Delilah. Crappy.

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